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'Toyo Proxes' Tyre Stickers

'Toyo Proxes' Tyre Stickers

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Price is for 4 sets of 'TOYO TIRES PROXES' - 1 set per tyre. 

When applying letters to the tyres, ensure you put the glue in a 'letter-by-letter' style as if you try to apply the glue on the whole word it will probably dry out before you apply it on the tyre :( 

Ensure 'TOYO TIRES' lettering is directly opposite the 'PROXES' lettering.
Glue is not provided and will need to be sourced by the customer. 
The letters are 3cm high and can fit most tyres - even low-profiled ones. 


- High quality resin

- High quality gel coat

- High quality matting

Care information

Although very durable, fibreglass products can become brittle and less flexible with age. Please take extra care when assembling or disassembling.

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