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'Fast Lane' Hoodie

'Fast Lane' Hoodie

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Buckle up, car queens! Introducing our 'Fast Lane' hoodie – a roaring statement of strength, style, and purpose. Engineered for the fierce women who own the road and command attention wherever they go.

🏁 Designs for the Fearless: Feel the asphalt beneath your feet with our exclusive designs. Each hoodie is a celebration of the untamed spirit that propels you forward.

🌈 Empowerment in Every Stitch: Crafted with passion and precision, these hoodies aren't just threads and fabric; they're a manifestation of the Girl Power movement. Every stitch is a testament to the resilience, unity, and boldness that define true empowerment.

🌸 Style Meets Purpose: More than a fashion statement, our Car Girls Club hoodies are a purpose-driven choice. A portion of each sale goes towards supporting breast cancer awareness through our partnership with the Pink Ribbon Foundation.


  • Comfortable and cozy fit for everyday wear.
  • Durable fabric ensuring longevity.
  • Vibrant designs that capture the essence of the open road.
  • Unisex style for all the kings and queens of the asphalt.

Join the movement. Wear the strength. Drive the change. 


- High quality resin

- High quality gel coat

- High quality matting

Care information

Although very durable, fibreglass products can become brittle and less flexible with age. Please take extra care when assembling or disassembling.

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