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Pink Headlight Tint Vinyl Film

Pink Headlight Tint Vinyl Film

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Made of strong nylon and high-quality plastic, this film sticker is designed to fit any car. With a superior transparency that allows up to 90% light transmission, it's water-resistant, self-adhesive, and stretches with heat. The easy-to-clean, scratch-resistant material provides full protection for headlights, making your vehicle unique. 


- Size: 30 x 60cm/11.8 x 23.6inch.
- Superior transparency, light transmittance up to 90 percent.
- Stretchable with heat and water resistant.
- Easily cleaned with water and easy to remove without residual.

Installation step:

1. Use wet cloth to wipe the surface before you apply the vinyl.
2. Start with small part, stretch slowly and use the scraper to wipe it.
3. If you find a bubble, just peel off slowly and gently wipe it. 



- High quality resin

- High quality gel coat

- High quality matting

Care information

Although very durable, fibreglass products can become brittle and less flexible with age. Please take extra care when assembling or disassembling.

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