Lexus Meeting @ Birmingham Wheels ( 30 May )

Lexus Meeting @ Birmingham Wheels ( 30 May )

Hello Lexus-heads!

We know you’re all busy preparing and polishing your babies for the Lexus Meet at the Birmingham Wheels park this Sunday. With space for over 100 cars and an oval circuit for drifting, you ‘ll get plenty of opportunities to hear engines revving and see tires smoking.

We’re happy to announce that GT Styling will be joining the event at the trade stands, and will bring a large bag of goodies to take your Lexus to the next level! Come and see some of our products, like the brand new FUSION’ wide arch kit for the Lexus IS200/IS300/Altezza, as well as a full Lexus BN kit. You’ll also get the chance to grab yourself some of our t-shirts and lanyards to show you’re part of the GT Styling family!

So put on the finishing touches of your rides and come say hi on the 30th of May. We’ll be expecting you!

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